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Count words is a free Web Tool to calculate the total count of Words in a Paragraph, Sentence, Text, any given String, Passage etc. Sometimes it is important to know how many words are present in a given Sentence. For Onpage SEO a Website owner should know total frequency of words in a Web page.

You can count Words in an Essay by using our free Word Counter tool online for free, you need to input your Essay in above text area, and you will get result of total frequency present in an Essay. Rich Quality Content matters in Essay Paragraph Writing, so you need to focus on Vocabulary and make use of Grammar correctly in your Essay Writing.

First you need to Extract Text from HTML web page, once you extracted whole text from HTML web page(html tags should not be included), than you can copy full extracted text in our free above Word Counter tools to get frequency of words used in a website page. It is very important to know how many words used in a given web page for On page SEO checking purpose. Website Pages with High Words Denisty is better than Pages with less Words, as Content is King in SEO.

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