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Example Enter any String/Paragraph : This is the Word Count Online Free Tool and it will give you total number of Words in a Paragraph.

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Count words is a free Web Tool to calculate the total count of Words in a Paragraph, Sentence, Text, any given String, Passage etc. Sometimes it is important to know how many words are present in a given Sentence. For Onpage SEO a Website owner should know total frequency of words in a Web page.

You can count Words in an Essay by using our free Word Counter tool online for free, you need to input your Essay in above text area, and you will get result of total frequency present in an Essay. Rich Quality Content matters in Essay Paragraph Writing, so you need to focus on Vocabulary and make use of Grammar correctly in your Essay Writing. The same way you can also find how many words in a paragraph by our free tool.

First you need to Extract Text from HTML web page, once you extracted whole text from HTML web page (html tags should not be included), than you can copy full extracted text in our free above Word Counter tools to get frequency of words used in a website page. It is very important to know how many words used in a given web page for On page SEO checking purpose. Website Pages with High Words Density is better than Pages with less Words, as Content is King in SEO.

There are two ways to use a word count calculator:
1. Online Tools:
Many free online tools can count the number of words in your text. Some popular options include:
SeoWebChecker WordCounter: https://countwords.seowebchecker.com/
These tools typically have a simple interface where you can paste your text or type directly into the text box. Once you've entered your text, click on the "Count Words" button, and the tool will display the total word count.
2. Programming Code:
If you're comfortable with programming, you can write your own word count calculator using any programming language. Here's a Python example:
def count_words(text):
This function counts the number of words in a given text.
text: The text to count the words for.
The number of words in the text.
# Split the text into words
words = text.split()
# Count the number of words
word_count = len(words)
return word_count
# Example usage
text = "This is a sample text with multiple sentences."
word_count = count_words(text)
print(f"The number of words in the text is: {word_count}")

Use code with caution.
This code defines a function count_words that takes a text as input and returns the number of words. The function splits the text into words using the split() method and then counts the number of words in the resulting list.
Additional Features:
Some word count calculators offer additional features, such as:
Character count: This feature counts the total number of characters in your text, including spaces and punctuation.
Sentence count: This feature counts the total number of sentences in your text.
Paragraph count: This feature counts the total number of paragraphs in your text.
Spelling and grammar checking: Some tools offer basic spelling and grammar checking in addition to word count.
Keyword density: This feature shows you how often specific keywords appear in your text.
Choosing the Right Calculator:
The best word count calculator for you will depend on your needs. If you need a simple tool to count the number of words in a short piece of text, an online tool may be sufficient. However, if you need to count words in longer documents or want additional features, you may need to use a dedicated word count application or write your own code.

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